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Take Your Pills exists so that we can learn about, laugh over, and cope with our mental illnesses together. In doing this, we can normalize the discussion around mental health. I am no more of a pro at navigating mental illness than the average person, but do hope that you may find some comfort in my experience.


There will be some posts that may trigger you. By no means will I ever intentionally try to upset anyone. Because I am human, I will also make mistakes along the way. Please bear with me as I navigate my personal journey too. Posts are my opinions only and should not be taken as professional and/or medical advice. Please do not use this resource as treatment for illness and/or a replacement for medical care. I am not a medical or mental health professional. I am simply dealing with mental illness right along with you.


is a bipolar writer based in Los Angeles. She is the former social content writer for E! News and has contributed to Thought Catalog, Malibu Magazine, Ladygunn, Rogue, and more. Dominique has her MFA in creative writing from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She's also going to stop talking in the third person because it's literally just me writing this in the pajamas I wore all day. 

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