If You've Ever Had Negative Thoughts, You Have to Try This App

I swear this is not sponsored. I just really fucking like this app and I wanted to share it with all who do not yet know about it. If you’ve been reading my work for a little while, you might have heard me talk HERE about an app called CALM. The makers of this rad meditation app (that comes with bedtime stories for adults -which I still can’t get over) created another banger called CALM HARM.

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QUIZ: Is Your Therapist Actually Part of the Problem? 

Shitty therapists can be a massive pain in the ass, and they’re sadly more common than we think. In the midst of our vulnerability, we may not even realize they're problematic. If you think something might be off with yours, read the following ten statements. Keeping in mind your current therapist, psychiatrist, or mental health professional, decide whether or not each statement is true or false. Check out your results at the bottom.

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An Argument for Staying In Bed

TRIGGER WARNING/CW: Suicide, dark humor, self-deprecating humor.

Sometimes I have to take a break from informative "How-To" blog posts, get back to my writerly roots, and create a short essay for the good of my own mental health. The reason I started this blog is because I enjoy using comedy and sarcasm to cope with my mental illness. Likewise, using comedy to help end the stigma can be equally as effective as sharing difficult stories in a serious tone. The one below is based on my past experiences with extreme depression. Small details have been changed so I should emphasize that this is ~creative~ non-fiction. Also, even though this post contains dark humor, I am currently doing JUST FINE and can confirm that a wellness check is not necessary. 

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