Therapy Thursday Recap #1!


Hey all! Here's your belated #TherapyThursday recap from last week. I promise to be more timely about these as we move forward. Just getting used to the fact that I have A FREAKING BLOG NOW OMGAH.

TOPIC: How I Get Out of My Head When I'm Freaking Out/Anxious/Obsessing/Etc.

WHEN TO USE: Say you're on a plane and it starts shaking rather aggressively. You're all going to die, right? Right, if you're someone with anxiety like myself. Just kidding! You're better than that because you have this nifty trick i'm about to share with you. I like to call it, "focus and describe shit." If you couldn't tell, I have no recollection of its technical name because I was taught this roughly 10 years ago. Can also be used when you're obsessing, generally anxious, or any situation where you just need a break from the thoughts in your head. 

HOW TO USE: Pick any object/person/animal/thing in your surroundings. Start describing that thing to yourself in your head. For example: "The person sitting next to me has big nose. They have brown hair. They are wearing a green shirt. There is a earth-shattering booger on their sleeve," and so on. Alternatively, I'm sure it works just fine to describe said thing out loud or write it down as well. 

WHY ITS LEGIT: This exercise gets you out of your anxious, obsessive head space and into the moment. The goal is to focus less on whatever is stressing you out and more on the thing in front of you. Hope that helps! 

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