Thanksgiving Therapy Thursday Recap


Here's your recap of #TherapyThursday - Thanksgiving edition. It's still up on my Instagram story for a few more hours if you'd like to watch it HERE. xoxo! 

TOPIC: How to stay away from terrible tempting shit when you have terrible self-control

WHEN TO USE: If you're anything like me and have limited self control when it comes to avoiding over-indulgence and temptation, this is the skill for you. This can help if you are trying to stay away from drugs, alcohol, junk food, texting your ex, etc. 

HOW TO USE: Let's say I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes and I'm hanging out with my friends who all smoke. They ask me if I want one (and I really fucking do) but I know I shouldn't. I know for a fact that smoking makes me smell like shit, makes my throat hurt, sometimes gives me a headache, and [fill in your own negative symptoms that result in doing the tempting behavior here]. Recall all of these uncomfortable sensations and symptoms. Feel what your sore throat will feel like, smell the stale smoke on your clothes, hair, and hands, feel the pain of that cigarette hangover headache.

WHY ITS LEGIT: The point of this is to fast forward yourself into the future so that you are reminded of all the gross/painful/bad consequences that come with giving into your temptation. By doing this, the goal is to be less inclined to proceed with the harmful behavior. Hope that helps! 

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