Here's What "Take Your Pills" Really Means


First and foremost, I need to thank my former employer, E! News, for teaching me how to write charmingly clickbaity headlines without straying into the "AND WHAT SHE DID NEXT WILL AMAZE YOU" territory. My blog is a better place because of you. Hearts! 

Anywayzzz - "Take your pills, Dominique” was something my dad used to say to me as a kid when I first started using medication for my mental illness. Without those daily reminders, my mental health may not have improved, and I may not be writing this today. I know that's the stalest trope in the book, but just let me have this, okay?

Those words represent a start of a very long (and ongoing) self-improvement saga. Years later, “take your pills” has become a mantra to ~keep going~ rather than just a reminder to take my meds. Side note - how many mental health clichés can you count in this post? 

AHEM ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The name of this blog by NO means is meant to convince readers that medication is the only way to treat mental illness. Not everyone needs, likes, or wants meds and that’s just fine! This blog is for anyone and everyone -even if you don't keep a pharmacy in your purse.