Therapy Thursday Recap #3: Distract yourself so you don't lose your shit


Here's your #TherapyThursday recap! If you have any topics you'd like for me to cover - send me a message! 

TOPIC: How to temporarily move your mind out of a panic attack or away from obsessive thoughts using DISTRACTIONS.  

WHEN TO USE: Whenever you're freaking out about that tiny cut on your finger that's probably going to get infected and spread the infection over your entire face and body and you'll never be able to leave the house ever again and your cats will eat you until you're a skeleton and your remains will go undiscovered for 16 years omg omgomgomgomgoeirjoewjfwjg;j;3!!!!!!

HOW TO USE: There are a number of ways to use this trick. If I'm in the middle of a panic attack, grabbing an ice cube and holding it in my hand until it melts, is a great temporary distraction. Since the ice cube is so cold, it creates a shocking sensation that is powerful enough to take you out of your head and into the present moment with your ice. Other things you can do to bring up opposite emotions include watching or listening to shows, podcasts, songs, etc. that are extremely neutral or happy in their content. Arts and crafts, adult coloring books, etc. are also nice distractions. 

WHY ITS LEGIT: The hope is that by doing an action that brings up the exact opposite of the emotion you are currently feeling, it will take you out of a panicky headspace. 

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