A Self-Care Kit For Your Next Depressive Episode - PART THREE!

self care.png

HERE IT IS. The final chunk of the list of things that you can stash away to make your emergency self-care kit. What is a self-care kit? You can find out HERE in PART ONE and then catch up on PART TWO if you haven't read it already. If you have any suggestions for items to add to the list, let me know in the comments or send me a message! xo

Snacks – I know it’s tempting to eat crap to comfort yourself, but if you put some healthy(ish) snacks in your nightstand beforeeeee the depression hits, you’ll thank yourself later.

Advil – Depression hurts. Like, literally gives you headaches, muscle pain, backaches, poop attacks, etc. Basking in bed for a long time can hurt too. Make your stay a pleasant one and invest in a little bedside bottle of your favorite over-the-counter pain-killer.

Reading Material – For when you need a distraction from your damn head.

Phone/Laptop/Tablet & Chargers – Honestly, not having these near me is one of the only things that gets me out of bed, so hey, maybe keep it far away for some motivation to get you up. But if not, keep these by your bed just in case you need to call for help, text a friend, contact your therapist, or just zone out to nail art videos.

Journal & Writing Utensil – Now’s a great time to start that gratitude journal every Instagrammer your therapist and has been talking about. I know it might seem daunting -and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t keep up with it- but sometimes it really can help you see the positives in your life. Remember to write down even the smallest victories (i.e., “I am grateful that I sat up today/got out of bed to pee/let myself cry, etc.).

Coloring Book and Coloring Utensils – Lucky you, adult coloring books are very #OnTrend right now so you can find these anywhere. It’s a pretty great way to chill out because of its meditative qualities. Color away your fears of a potential North Korean nuclear war! 

Scented candle – Because depression doesn’t have to smell like shit-streaked thongs and trash-hardened spring rolls.

Empathy – For yourself. If you can’t do any of these things, even if they’re all by (or on) your bed, don’t beat yourself up. I cannot stress that enough. I have been there. I have picked discharge out of my matted pubes, woven carpets out of my leg hair, and drained the souls of legions of food delivery drivers answering the door (once I found the strength) with my swamp breath. It’s okay. Full disclosure – I don’t always do or have these things myself, so don’t feel bad if you can’t either. Furthermore, even if you need to call someone to drag you out of bed physically (been there too), you are not a failure. I promise this too shall pass – just like all those farts collecting under your blanket.

~From my dirty b-hole to yours~

If there’s anything you keep in your bedside self-care kit that isn’t on this list, send me a message, comment below, or find me on social and let me know. I’d love to add more to this list.  <3