Therapy Thursday # 5: How to feel more stoked about your life

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Hay! Okay I really need to get better at posting my #TherapyThursday recaps...on Thursdays. I'm still getting the damn hang of consistency so I am grateful for your patience. 

TOPIC: Daily Awesomes: how to remember that your life isn't a wad of smeared shit when it feels like it is. 

WHEN TO USE: When you really fucking need to see the glass half full instead of empty, cracked, and decomposing in the trash. 

HOW TO USE: Get out your phone/a journal/anything you can put words upon. Think about all the good things (big or small but mostly small) that happened to you that day. For example you could write "I hit 5 green lights on the way to work today," or "I got 10% off my groceries today," or "this total stranger held the door open for me." Basically stuff you would let slide on a regular day. AHEM. There will be days where you will not be able to come up with literally anything for this list. That's okay. You can put "I wrote this down" or even "I existed through this day." 

WHY IT'S LEGIT: This really helps to open your eyes to the good things that are happening in your life; especially when it feels like only bad things are coming at you. Even if the good things seem small and lame (i.e., finding a quarter in your shoe, simply existing through another day) they are still GOOD things.

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