Therapy Thursday # 6: How to Not Feel Like a Useless Bunghole


Happy holidays all! Here's the latest #TherapyThursday from last week. 

TOPIC: Building Mastery; Reminding yourself you are a capable, accomplished human when you feel like a total skid mark. 

WHEN TO USE: When you feel like you haven't done shit all day, accomplished anything in life, feel worthless, or have a large/new goal or that seems impossible to achieve. 

HOW TO USE: Do one or more small things which remind you of how good you are at life. It can be things like taking out the trash, putting away the dishes, or, things you already know you excel at. For example, if I have something I am dreading writing because I feel as though I may fail, I go back and read some of my favorite pieces to remind myself that I am a bangin' writer and I can totally conquer whatever is in front of me. If you feel like you are not good at anything, you can pat yourself on the back for things like, "I got out of bed today," or "I survived another day." You should pat yourself on the back for those things any day, TBH. 

WHY IT'S LEGIT: The goal is to feel more confident in yourself than you did before this exercise so that you may find the emotional strength to conquer all the things you have set out to do. 

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