Therapy Thursday # 8: Role Playing Your Emotional Fantasies

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Welcome back to #therapythursday beeb. I've started saving these Insta-stories on the highlights bar of my Instagram page as well. Two recaps are better than one. Let's get into it. 

TOPIC: Role-Playing (Read more about this skill in the DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach app!) 

WHEN TO USE: If you have trouble saying no, setting boundaries, and asking for what you need. 

HOW TO USE: Rehearse potentially uncomfortable situations in your head, in the mirror, out loud, on paper, with a trusted human, a veal scallopini, whatever. Practice asking for exactly what you need (or need to say) and imagine yourself saying it to that person. This is super litty in situations when you're too scared to ask for a raise, or speak to an intimidating person figure, having trouble turning down unwanted sexual or romantic advances or situations, asking for what you need in relationships, saying no to going out with friends in order to take care of yourself, and much more.

EXAMPLE: "No, Tammy. I don't want to get crystal-infused enemas on Saturday. I need to catch up on sleep." 

WHY IT'S LEGIT: The more you practice running through these scenarios, the easier it may eventually be to conquer intimindating situations. This has helped me tremendously over the years. I know every mental health blogger and their therapist says this but hear me out. I'm a special fucking breed of crazy and if this can work for me it can DEF work for you. And again, if it doesn't, don't give up the good fight. Something will in time. 

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