February Self-Care Tarot: work on your shit

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For me, releasing the first installment of Self-Care Tarot is equal in joy to buying a Saint Laurent bag and coming home to discover that it's stuffed with 56 packs of Fun Dip and a blank check signed by avec-mullet Dacre Montgomery. In other words, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Check out what our reader Cassandra Snow has to say about this month.  



A Note From Cassandra: As a professional tarot reader, I do a lot of work with people looking to improve their, spiritual, interpersonal, and work lives. Tarot can offer surprisingly practical and down to Earth information about where you are, where you can go, and how you should get there. As an empathetic, sensitive person with strong ties to communities where almost everyone has some degree of trauma or mental illness, most of what I do is helping people heal, learn more about themselves, and reconnect with their intuition.

February Card - The Moon

It makes sense that our first Tarot for Self-Care pull is The Moon. This is a card that many readers read negatively; deception and secrets often come up. I don’t buy this interpretation for a couple of reasons. For starters, The Moon is frequently aligned with feminine energy and dieties, and the vilification of that energy is needless at best. Furthermore, I don’t always think deception or secrets are a bad thing. We’re human. We’re allowed to have secrets! Sure, there are times when secrets are unhealthy, but [for example], if I’m seeing someone and don’t think my friends will ‘get it,’ I’m allowed to keep it quiet until I’m sure the relationship is for real (so long as they are legitimately kind to me and a good person to boot).

The primary reason I don’t read The Moon as a negative version of secrets and lies is that I’ve almost always seen it mean the client is deceiving or hiding important truths to themselves. The Moon’s function isn’t to rat them out per se, but to encourage you to look deeper into your own soul. The Moon requires digging into our subconscious and allowing repressed or forgotten memories to flood our senses so we can do the job of working through them. The Moon is very much about going deep and healing our pasts and subconsciouses. It’s also very much about trusting our own perceptions based on where we’ve been in our lives. [For example], if you know a job in an office setting leaves you feeling drained and bored for most of your day, keep looking and don’t take that job. It’s so much about actually trusting yourself and seeing through the lies capitalism, etc., tries to shove at us.

Relatedly, this card is also about trusting your own intuition. Maybe you’ve never had an office job, but you just know it isn’t for you. While there are many cards that encourage us to trust our logical mind, our February card promises that our intuition is spot on this month. As we’re working through the old memories and subconscious messages that we see in The Moon, we are very in touch with ourselves. It’s important to trust that.

In terms of what to expect this February, this is a good month to dig deep into trauma or dive into our biggest fears and insecurities to work through them. Doing this is safer with therapy, but there is work you can do on your own. Expect a lot of weird dreams as you do this, as that’s another face of The Moon. This is a great month to trust your intuition along the way and to reconnect with your inner voice. If you have a deck of tarot cards, a pendulum, or you meditate, call on those tools when all the messages swimming around inside of you get confusing. [For those who may not have or believe in those tools], I recommend just sitting in the dark and doing some deep breathing to help you have that mind-body connection and hear your inner voice a little bit better. I further recommend dream journals to keep track of repeated symbols or themes. That will help you untangle it all after a couple of weeks. Journaling, in general, is a great idea this month, and if you’re an extrovert, it’s an important month to make time to talk out old wounds with your most loving pals. Trust that all of this hard work helps you heal in a BIG way. You may even see some of your old issues and insecurities hit the road as a result of this month’s work. 

-Cassandra Snow


About the Deck: The Fountain Tarot was created by Jonathon Saiz and designed by Andi Todaro. The book was written by Jason Gruhl. The deck offers fresh, creative, modern perspectives while staying true to the heart of traditional decks like the Rider-Waite Tarot. This is an independently published deck. You can learn more and buy your own here.

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