Self-Care Tarot October 2018: Balance, Moderation, & Peace


Let’s get right into it and hear what Cassandra and her cards have to say about self-care this month.

Hello all! I am so sorry for the delay in your monthly self-care tarot. If I’m being 100% honest, I got really overwhelmed in September and forgot about a slew of important tasks, including getting this together. I’m back though, and ready to sling cards and see to whatever else October has in store for me.

For October we pulled the Temperance card from the Major Arcana to guide us through the month. I thought this was an interesting choice from the cards. October is usually all Death and endings or cards that connect us to deities and spiritual allies. Instead, I pulled a card of balance, moderation, and peace. Temperance is one of my favorite cards in the tarot for that reason though. Every time I feel like I’m barely treading water, Temperance shows up to remind me that I might be making things harder than they are. Sure, I might be stuck out in the middle of a metaphorical lake, but I don’t need to tread the whole time. Humans can float, and it’s totally acceptable this month to just stop pressing and urging and just trust life to carry you where it needs you to go.

Furthermore, if we’re still hanging out to this lake metaphor, I know how to swim. For some reason, I just choose not to sometimes-usually the times I need to the most. In other words, I am doing “work” (on myself, on my mental health, in my spiritual life, actual work that people pay me for) that is just busy work. I’m not actually getting anywhere or doing anything. I’m lighting candles and calling it witchcraft with no intention put it into it. I’m complaining on Twitter about the lack of writing gigs and only sending out a couple of pitches a week (if that). I’m journaling about what I did that day but not connecting it to my emotional journey. None of that is very useful. If anything, I’m making it harder on myself than it needs to be.

Temperance shows up this month to tell us to STOP treading. Stop making things harder than they need to be. Either give up, float, enjoy being surrounded by water and wait for something or someone to come help you or crack your knuckles and get down to the dirty work you’ve been putting off. Either option is going to be a million times better for your mental health this month.

Remember the key words of this card: balance, peace, moderation. Further self-care regarding your mental health includes not overindulging but not depriving yourself, hence the “moderation.” Balance and peace are present now, but it takes work to keep them steady. Meditation, pulling your own tarot cards, or just sitting by a nice lake for a while if you get extra depressed or anxious should pull you back to reality.

Blessed be, Y'all!

-Cassandra Snow

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