Trick or Treatment: I Drank This Magic Xanax Tea For a Week and Mental Illness Is Officially Cancelled


It's that time again! Sure, my blog is called Take Your Pills, but I know damn well that meds are not the only way to deal with mental illness. I'm always looking for different shit I can put in, on, or around my body to supplement my medicated journey, which is why I started #TrickOrTreatment. In case you missed the first one (you can go back and read it here), this segment aims to test out various alternatives to western medicine and traditional therapy. This time around, I drank valerian root tea, specifically "Nighty Night" by Traditional Medicinals, for six days to see what would happen. Not #spon but you can check it out right here. Valerian in tincture form was recommended to me by an old therapist, years ago, as a natural alternative to Xanax. You can read more about the herb here because, shocker, I'm not a naturopath and trying to explain its scientific workings myself would be comical. Anyhoo, I basically used to lap it out of the dropper like a sun-shriveled gerbil, and it didn't do shit. Fast forward to now -the tea was a totally different story.  Check out that infographic below to read what went down. 

Valerian Root FINAL Infograph Unsized.jpg

The tribe has spoken. I'd have to call this a treatment ONLY if you don't plan on driving, operating heavy machinery, or being productive after you've sipped. Also, be sure you're in a spot where it's okay to possibly fall asleep, because, in addition to easing your anxiety, that may happen. That said, this might work for you as a sleep aid too if you couldn't already tell by my results (and the literal name of the tea). On the days that I didn't have anxiety, the tea just put me to sleep. On the day with my big attack, it actually calmed me down. For the record, I had my anti-anxiety meds (I take Lorazepam) on standby because I was SURE this tea was some bullshit. I didn't even need to take them. On the last day, I was shocked that this tea brought me to a level of chilldom that somehow allowed me not to become reactive to my boyfriend when he was in a snippy mood. That is never the case with me but apparently the old Dominique couldn't come to the phone right then and that's just fucking fine. I'm not about to throw out my Lorazepam, but I'm def keeping the tea around to use when I don't feel like taking a pill during a panic attack. 

If you decide to try this, let me know how it works! AND - if this doesn't work for you, or if you aren't able to try this, DONT GIVE  UP. There is a treatment out there for you. Keep searching. Keep working with your doctors. As someone who took years to find the right combo of meds and supplements, you WILL get there. xo


DISCLAIMER: Hi! In case you couldn’t tell from my epic reporting, these aren’t real science experiments because I’m not a real scientist. I couldn’t even tell you how to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit, and like honestly who is Kelvin and why is he here? Please note - DO NOT perform any of the above practices without consulting a doctor FIRST. Unconventional treatment methods such as the one above have NOT been evaluated by the FDA which means they are NOT regulated. That said, unregulated alternative methods of treatment could result in serious health problems, dangerous interactions with your medication(s) and/or body, unwanted side-effects, and even death. Words in these posts should NOT be used as medical advice, and any questions you may have should be directed to a medical professional. Thank you for using your common sense you intelligent person, you!