March Self-Care Tarotscope: Get Some Sunscreen, You Golden Stallion

Not #spon but should be

Not #spon but should be

It's 1:20 am on Friday, March 2nd which means this post is officially late. I'll keep this short. Read below to see all the gud shit from Cassandra Snow and her cards. March is going to be just fine, guys.  


"The Sun from The Fountain Tarot is our March Self-Care tarot. This card follows the Moon (last month’s card) tarot immediately, so I reshuffled and pulled three different times and kept getting The Sun! The card does make sense as we slide into Spring. Anyone dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder over the harsh winter months will see that slip away in coming weeks as The Sun comes out. It also makes sense that if we spent February contemplating our deepest traumas and hurts, that those weeks of processing would lead us to a card as hopeful and positive as The Sun. The Sun is a card that primarily exists so that good omens exist in The Tarot. This card promises success in our family lives and careers and essentially gives us the Midas touch. 

Anything we touch in March has the potential to turn to gold. That’s great, but this is very much a “be careful what you wish for” card. For those whose energy comes and goes in fits and starts, don’t start too many projects right now because when your energy wanes, you won’t be able to keep up with their demands. Instead, focus on one or two projects or areas of your life that feel really healing and good to focus on and pour that energy there. 

Sometimes tarot is very literal, so it’s strongly recommended that we get outside and GET some sun this month. We’re likely to have the energy to jump back into outdoor activities, and the weather is letting up just enough to let us go play. It’s important to remember that while exercise and time outdoors isn’t everything and won’t “fix” your mental health problems, it can be used alongside treatment to amplify that treatment’s effects. 

Overall, March looks to be better overall than February. We’re already working on some pretty big things regarding therapy or introspection, and this is not a time to add to that. Think about using that momentum to push further and heal even more than you ever thought you could. You might have a better month than usual, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your energy sizzling out too soon, and you don’t want to agree to more than you can sustain should you hit a low point again. If all else fails: go outside! You can use that literally or as a metaphor to do anything that feels like self-care that gets you outside of yourself." 

-Cassandra Snow



About the Deck: The Fountain Tarot was created by Jonathon Saiz and designed by Andi Todaro. The book was written by Jason Gruhl. The deck offers fresh, creative, modern perspectives while staying true to the heart of traditional decks like the Rider-Waite Tarot. This is an independently published deck. You can learn more and buy your own here.

A Severely Boring But V Important Disclaimer From Me to Yew: is not affiliated with The Fountain Tarot or its makers. I do not receive monetary compensation should you decide to click the link and/or purchase their products. As Cassandra noted in our interview, these monthly tarot card readings, along with the accompanying advice and tips, should NEVER replace medical care. Cassandra and I are NOT medical or mental health professionals. Any self-care tips given by Cassandra, myself, and the cards, are simply opinion and intuition-based, and NOT to be used as a treatment or medical advice for mental or physical illness. The advice/tips in these posts and card readings are NOT the final words on your health, wellness, illness, relationships, existence, fortune, loved ones, misfortune, personality, future, present, past, life, etc. This blog segment is meant purely for the purpose of providing the reader with a fun monthly blog post. Xoxo thank you!