5 Mental Health Apps You Should Try Next Month (That Are Not Fucking Headspace)

10 points if you can spot my special ass learning how to use a real camera in every reflection in this picture. Also - Headspace is awesome; I'm just tired of seeing it on app lists. 

10 points if you can spot my special ass learning how to use a real camera in every reflection in this picture. Also - Headspace is awesome; I'm just tired of seeing it on app lists. 

lilspace – I have a phone addiction. That isn’t some tee-hee statement about how much I heart my phone. I literally have mild panic attacks when my phone goes missing, breaks, or is forgotten. Speaking of unhealthy, I depend on my phone to distract myself from feelings I should be letting myself feel, to avoid any emotional discomfort ever. Why pay off 73 unopened Sprint bills when I can just Instagram the anxiety away?! Sound like you? lilspace is your bud. The more time you can spend unplugged, the more rewards you can earn. You can even unplug for charities and events of your choosing. For example, I stayed off my phone for LA Family Housing back in January to fight homelessness. What did you do? JK, I only lasted like 19 minutes but STILL. Try it.

Yoga Wake Up – If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, there’s probably some cliché mention of my bed. I like anything and anything having to do with beds, staying in bed, bedding in bed, whtvr. Additional fun fact that you could probably deduce: I am not about yoga. Like, I’m about it if YOU want to do it, but I’ll be waiting with a turmeric shot and a chilled towel outside. I’ve done yoga maybe a handful of times, and while it was chill, I couldn’t keep up with all the positions, got too into my head about it, and never went back. MY, HAVE THE TIDES TURNED. Yoga Wake Up has yoga (and meditation!) moves you can try RIGHT IN YOUR GODDAMN BED. If you’re not a bed bitch like me, the app heaps of other easy to follow recordings as well. Full disclosure: I was ~blessed~ with a free trial from the company to test it out. If you’re not into paying for a subscription, you can totally use it without one too.

Fabulous – This habit-tracking app is the gentle, motherly reminder that you can change your life little by little –emphasis on “little.” Dying to incorporate macramé chair weaving into your daily life? Want to work things out with your elliptical? Unsure of the coordinates of your toothbrush? Get this bad boy on your phone and in your life. The app starts by training you to ease into healthy habits like drinking water each morning. You are asked to repeat these motions each day until they become routine. Once they do, you move on to the next habit, which requires just a hint more effort than the last. In addition to pre-loaded healthy behaviors, you can add your own.

DBT Diary Card & Skills Coach – I’ve had this app for years. If I remember correctly, I started Dialectical Behavioral Therapy back in college, and my therapist recommended I try this. It’s equipped with a solid price tag, but if you use DBT skills, or enjoy the things I share in Therapy Thursday (which are mostly DBT skills I’ve learned), then this app will serve you better than the soft serve bar at Old Country Buffet. 

Spot On – This is technically a period tracker from Planned Parenthood, but I like to use it as a mood tracker on the days when the juice is not loose. You can also log your bodily happenings, the day's events, and actions. It comes with preloaded moods like ‘Happy,’ ‘Frisky,’ and ‘Blah,’ and actions like ‘Ate Junk,’ ‘Slept Well,’ ‘Had Sex.’ Bodily functions include ‘Fatigue,’ and ‘Acne,’ and, you can record the intensity of your period as well. Customizing descriptors is an option too. I added ‘anxiety’ and ‘yeast infection’ which, coincidently, are the names of my future children.