April 2018 Self-Care Tarot: make some damn Me time

That's  Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant face wash powder  NOT cocaine. Calm the fuck down.  

That's Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant face wash powder NOT cocaine. Calm the fuck down.  

I spilled a family-sized tub of Wholly Guacamole™ onto our rattan area rug in March so I'm hoping for a better April. If you are too, read what Cassandra and her cards have to say about that. 


Welcome back to Self-Care Tarot, our monthly check-in, reflection, and one card guidance using Fountain Tarot. For April we are being called to The Hermit, number nine in the Major Arcana. (We’re still on a Majors streak, which means there’s lots of big energy and ideas surrounding us in 2018 so far.) Nines in the tarot are about completion, and this Hermit is no exception. Whatever healing, coping, or self-care processes you’ve been working through, this is the month to stretch for those final goals so you can move on to the next chapter in your epic journey.

Traditionally, The Hermit is about hunkering down for some solo time and retreating from the stresses of the world. While this card can sometimes show up in the negative (like when we’re a little too fond of escaping instead of dealing), usually it shows up to signify that we need some capital-A Alone time. That alone time should be used for deep, powerful work though, not just idly rewatching Gilmore Girls for the ninth time. If you’re spiritual at all, this is time to work on some Big Magic or Prayer, working alone by moonlight to accomplish your goal. Regardless of if that part rings true for you, April is a huge time to work on your relationship with yourself and with solitude.  Spend some time alone processing some of the hardest things you’ve been mulling over for the past couple of months. Know that your inclination to isolate isn’t necessarily a bad thing right now, so long as you use that time well. Know that this time alone should be used for big, important healing, and there’s a reason you’re being called inward.

Negatively aspected, The Hermit could allude to feelings of loneliness with your mental illness journey. We might feel this month like we are the only person going through this, or like we are driving away friends and family by having nontraditional needs. Sometimes we need to sit with loneliness and let it have it’s say so we can find something out about ourselves--but in the artwork of almost any Hermit card, we see the light shining through even in this night we’re supposed to be enjoying. Look for the light. Physically count your blessings, keep your gratitude lists, and remember those times your therapist told you to look for evidence that you’re not alone. Seek company if you need it, but know that it’s there always.  -Cassandra Snow

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About the Deck: The Fountain Tarot was created by Jonathon Saiz and designed by Andi Todaro. The book was written by Jason Gruhl. The deck offers fresh, creative, modern perspectives while staying true to the heart of traditional decks like the Rider-Waite Tarot. This is an independently published deck. You can learn more and buy your own here.

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