Therapy Thursday # 18: Butter Your Ass Up


TOPIC: Easily build your confidence when you have as much faith in your existence as the last pea on a plate. 

WHEN TO USE: I like to use this trick (passed onto me from a previous therapist) before I release a piece of writing that I'm proud of but secretly worried everyone would think is terrible. It's great to use before you're about to release something into the world that could subject you to negative scrutiny. 

HOW TO USE (With Examples): Let's say you have some important news to deliver to loved ones. In my case, it might be, "I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder." Let's say I'm also really terrified of what other people are going to think of me, but I still need to tell them. To build my confidence before talking to the people I think might judge me, I will FIRST take the news of my diagnosis and tell it to a person/group of people who I am CERTAIN will support, comfort, and not judge me. Then, after I've been 'buttered up' by my support system, I will have a baseline of confidence underneath me knowing that I have at least one loving person in my corner. Now, hopefully, I can feel at least like 6 microns better about telling all those potentially judgemental fools that I'm bipolar. 

WHY IT'S LEGIT: Because confidence is swell and so is knowing that you have people rooting for you. 

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