5 More Mental Health Apps to Try This Month


There are so many Goddamn mental health apps out there we might as well make this a monthly segment. If you didn't see my last app roundup, you can do so right HERE. Don't forget to click on the names of the apps to find out more! xo

EWG Healthy Living (aka Skin Deep) - This one goes out to all the habibis living with hypochondria. I've been using this website (which you can find HERE) forever so when they came out w/an app it was like the 2nd coming of Christ. If you're like me and are constantly paranoid about putting things on your body that may secretly be killing you (but still justify eating Lunchables as if they aren't the real problem), this app is a true gift to you. Basically, you can scan products (food and hygiene products) as you shop and see how they stack up in terms of how harmful their ingredients are to your body. Seriously it's amazing, and you'd be disgusted at how much cancer-causing crap is in some of your fave toiletries. I've learned a shit ton about the products I use and have made the switch to using (mostly) all-natural beauty products.

Calm - This is a great one if you want a meditation app with extras like fucking bedtime stories. When was the last time your lonely ass got a bedtime story? It's time to get this app. 

Stop, Breathe & Think - Because meditation apps are so on trend, you might as well get another one. This one is different because it recommends meditations you should do according to how you're feeling in that moment. I was a massively irritable bitch a few hours ago, and it suggested a kindness meditation and a 3-minute breathing exercise. Prepare to feel slightly dragged by its recommendations but know that it's coming from a place/algorithm of love. 

Lake - Adult coloring books are all that and a bottle of Lithium. This is that but in app form which means you can whip this out and not have to worry about fools judging you for self-soothing. Color yourself cured. 

Happy - I mention this app on my resources page HERE. If you need someone to talk to but it's not quite considered crisis-y enough for a suicide hotline, try this app. You do have a to pay for the time you spend on the phone with a trained Happy Giver, but you can stay on for as little or as long as you like. Seriously. Full disclosure: I was hired as a Happy Giver (the person who listens to the caller), so I am biased about this app (although I haven't logged on in a while). BUT I have also called in to chat with a Happy Giver about my own problems and can speak to the fact that it was incredibly helpful. If you feel like you'd be a good listener you can also apply to be a Giver and get paid for it!