May 2018 Self-Care Tarot: Expect Lit Days & Shit Days

Epic illustration by the talented Kristen Leigh for Take Your PIlls.  Follow her work on Instagram @noholoca HERE! 

Epic illustration by the talented Kristen Leigh for Take Your PIlls. Follow her work on Instagram @noholoca HERE! 

Happy Mental Health Month!!! Let's get right into it and see what Cassandra and her cards have to say below. For more on our lovely tarot reader, click here! xo, -Dom

"Ace of Swords Brings Great and Terrible Things This May. Traditionally the Swords overall are my indicators of mental illness in the tarot. As a suit, they see more pitfalls than perks, and this Air suit prizes logic, analysis, and the intellect. It’s not a far jump to mental illness when we’re talking about the brain, especially in those more negative cards. In short, our prediction right now is to expect some curveballs this month. The Ace represents unexpected and often negative news or insights. This is a month when you’ll want your full toolbox at your disposal, and you’ll want to work really hard to be preemptive about change and negative emotions.

However, the Ace isn’t exactly a negative card. It’s a neutral card, and in this deck, that means balance plays an important part. For every bad day, you’ll likely have a good day. Though one or two areas of your life may be falling apart, you’ll likely hear good news from a different area. As this is a mental health blog, this card could be indicative that you uncover a bad memory, receive a new diagnosis, or see your mania, anxiety, or depression manifest in a new way. This too is good news--the more we uncover, the more accurately we can be treated and the easier we can recover. It also means that you might get the aforementioned bad news, but because you took our advice, your toolbox works exceedingly well, and that news doesn’t devastate you the way it would have.

Once when I was talking to my therapist about my low self-esteem, she asked me where the evidence was for my feelings of inadequacy. She asked me to list facts that “proved” that I was ugly/useless/inadequate. I came up with a few, but she then asked me to contrast them with the opposite proof. “What proof do you have that you’re good at your job?” she asked? “What proof do you have that your friends love you?” I listed off probably ten different things each time and realized my “proof” of inadequacy paled in comparison. This is a tool I whip out every time those feelings that I am “bad” return. I bring this up because ultimately this is what the Ace of Swords wants from us this month. What is the evidence that we CAN handle anything that our brain our life does throw at us? Where is the proof that we are loved, vital, and important members of our family, friend group, or community? Those are the things to look for and hold on to this month. It doesn’t mean a swing back into depression won’t suck--but it will give us something to hold on to." -Cassandra Snow