Therapy Thursday: Mindfully Eat Your Meat

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Sincerely sorry I could not think of a better title. 


WHAT THE HELL IS THERAPY THURSDAY?! I started #TherapyThursday when I realized how many people were in need of a therapist but didn't have the resources to find one (including myself at specific points). I share one trick, lesson, or lightbulb I learned in a personal therapy session with YOU each week in an Instagram story. Keep in mind, I'm not a therapist, mental health, or medical professional. This segment is not intended as a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. Please do not use it as such. This is purely a weekly space for people to gather, listen, ask questions, and ultimately feel less alone. For more info, please read my disclaimer HERE. Catch the segment every Thursday on my Instagram stories @DomJoelleHaikel. Don't forget to follow me there, so you never miss an episode! xo