June 2018 Self-Care Tarot: Big Moods Brewing

please accept this apology for the above #art

please accept this apology for the above #art

At first glance it may seem like this month is kinnnnda on some bullshit. But it's not. You'll be fine. I swear. On a deeper level, much like literally every day, it's just a time to continue working on yourself and your shit. Let's see what Cassandra and her cards have to say about this month. If you didn't catch Self-Care Tarot from May -you can do so right HERE. xo


"Mood swings, poverty trauma, and career panic run amuck this June (yikes!) with the Two of Pentacles. Twos in the Tarot are all about balance and this card specifically shows imbalance coursing through our lives, particularly in areas of the home, work, money, and school. Often this is because in a fit of great mental health we bit off more than we could chew should the pendulum swing backward. Sometimes it’s just because life sucks and now we have to deal with a new pile of crap on top of all of our regular piles of crap.

That keyword of balance does mean it’s not all bad news in all areas of our life. Our home life (and any relationships contained therein) look pretty solid, and our spiritual life stands out as a solid crutch for us to lean on. The Two of Pentacles does regularly indicate depression, anxiety, and PTSD flare-ups, even as some things in our lives are falling perfectly into place though. Focusing on those areas that already have solid foundations is the key to thriving in spite of that this June.

The Pentacles are all about growth and stability, so none of this is insurmountable. If you’re having money problems and it’s increasing poverty trauma, scale back your spending. It’s really that easy sometimes. If your co-workers aren’t getting along, just don’t involve yourself. If your emotions and moods are all over the place, remember your most basic grounding and focus exercises. Sometimes we’re meant to ride our emotions out because they’re telling us something deeper, but that isn’t the case this month. Now we’re meant to find what makes us feel like we are solidly and perfectly in place and stand there for awhile. 

I mentioned career panic earlier and didn’t address it head on yet. This panic can manifest as imposter syndrome, money problems, or just flat out unhappiness in your daily life. Some of us (myself included) are feeling stuck where we are and not able to move forward. Some of us aren’t where we need to be, and some of us are but don’t feel like we deserve to be. In any case, think about what you’re trying to build with your life. All of us are creators, creating the lives we deserve to lead. Spend some time this month being really honest about where you want to be, identifying the obstacles that prevent you from being there, and figuring out what that means for your next steps. Blessed be, y’all! "

-Cassandra Snow

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