Can a Stretch a Day Keep the Crazies at Bay? #TrickOrTreatment


Welcome to  Trick or Treatment! The series where I test out cliche, wellness trends to see if they will make my mental illness journey less of a fucking mess. You can read the previous #TT on meditation right HERE if you’re new to my blog or missed my last installment. This particular Trick or Treatment is part of my experience at Wellness Week LA; a health/lifestyle event from June 3rd-June 10th, 2018. Ticket holders are matched with various fitness, nutritional, and self-care activities in the city, depending on their interests. If you'd like more information on WWLA, or the business I mention below, click their names for more!

On Wednesday I chronicled my experience at Stretch Pro, a studio specifically designed for athletes and pain-sufferers alike to come and get their muscles worked in the name of feeling better in your body. 


If you want to experience the benefits of yoga and a massage, minus the price tag, stretching is your new mom. True story: I'm terrified of group yoga since I'm super slow at keeping up with all the movements. I also needed something a little more intense than just a back rub to an Enya playlist. Cue: stretching; the cheaper version of visiting a physical therapist. JK, don't replace this with physical therapy if you need it, but it was equally as enjoyable for me.

Tbh, I was worried I had to be a walking Quest bar to feel welcomed here. I even flat-ironed my fucking hair like I was trying to get past airport security frisk-free. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. God bless the girl at the front desk and her ultra-casual, vintage GAP sweatshirt, though. Her welcoming demeanor was very much like, "Don't worry, Dominique. I know you only had an Equinox membership for the chilled towels, and that's okay." Thankfully, the stretch sesh was worth conquering my anxiety. Aside from the fact that the woman stretching my neck, back, and shoulders basically cured my three-year-long stiff neck problem, I felt the physical manifestations of my stress get flexed out of my being from the SEEDS OF MY SOUL. TL;DR - a firm yes.  

Verdict: So! Has my bipolar disorder been successfully taffy-pulled out of my system? Obvi, not but I would still call this a treatment for general physical pains stemming from anxiousness and stress. I'm a bit lethargic today and canceled my WWLA fitness class at Sandbox Fitness, but I'm not sure if that's due to the stretching or being weighed down by my overall hatred for fitness. Regardless, StretchPro was worth it, and I'd pay $40 for 25 minutes of that again. Of course, I have to clarify; this would be a grand *supplement* to your existing health plan. Not about to go off-brand and throw my meds into the ocean anytime soon.

Stay tuned for my next #WellnessWeekLA-themed Trick or Treatment: An infrared sauna session! I’ll be sweating my nips off in a wooden box in an attempt to reach mental bliss. Most likely I'll probably be in there trying to take selfies. You can also follow my WWLA experience on my Instagram story right HERE. 

Have any of you tried stretching as a form of self-care? Do you think this could be a suitable replacement for yoga since I'm literally the only person who seems to be terrible at it? Message me or leave a comment and help an anxious blogger out. xo 

*Just FYI - my attendance at Wellness Week LA is sponsored. They were kind enough to give me a ticket at my request so that I could share my experiences with you. Huge thank you to WWLA!