Saunas, Sweating, & Suicide: My Last Day at Wellness Week LA #TrickOrTreatment


Trick or Treatment exists to help those on their mental health journey find a treatment plan that is tailored to their needs. Sometimes therapy and meds aren't enough. Sometimes we can't afford or gain access to traditional treatments. Occasionally certain options just aren't our style. Trick or Treatment isn't about the products I review or the places I visit or the events I may attend. It's about shedding light on as many potential mental health treatments as I can gain access to, so that readers of this blog may be presented with an abundance of options to try themselves. Society may refer to these options as wellness "cliches," but much of these cliches are only described that way because they are truly beneficial to the many who use them. 

That being said, the last day of my Wellness Week LA experience happened to fall on the day of the death of one of my writerly inspirations, Anthony Bourdain. I had plans to try out the infrared sauna experience at Sweattheory, but I found it hard to focus on relaxation when I got there. I'll keep today's recap short and sweet; I don't feel as excited to write today as I usually do. 

Verdict: Sitting in an infrared sauna in and of itself is not a treatment for mental illness. If anyone tells you that, run. It could be, however, a supplemental activity that you partake in to decrease the physical manifestations of stress, anxiety, depression, and so forth. What I mean by that is, if you are of appropriate physical health to withstand a sauna (check with your doctor first, people!), this treatment is a great way to unwind, relax your body, and imagine yourself tanning at the beach. It's also a nice space to sit with your thoughts, meditate, journal, listen to music, and enjoy some solo time. I would file this under general self-care, much like getting a massage or drinking a healthy smoothie. If you're in the LA area, def hit up Sweattheory. They'll give you a shot of Cayenne, a bathrobe, and a sauna with your own damn shower(!) in the name of sweating yourself better. Not to mention the whole place is covered in candles, plants, and smells like the inside of a sage-infused cupcake. Delish. 10/10 would return again. 

For more info, you can also follow my WWLA experience on my Instagram story right HERE. To learn more about WWLA, and Sweatheory, click their names.       

*Just FYI - my attendance at Wellness Week LA is sponsored. They were kind enough to give me a ticket at my request so that I could share my experiences with you. Huge thank you to WWLA!