Trick or Treatment: Wellness Week LA Recap


I swear I meant to post this before I left for our trip to Scotland (pix on my Insta right here!) but omg you guys. I realized I hadn't purchased the required nude shoes to go with my bridesmaid dress, so the week before we left my life became all about that journey instead. Anyway please excuse the delay as I transition back into our regularly scheduled mental health bloggery. 


In case you missed it, I recently attended Wellness Week LA and wrote about my experience stretching, meditating, and sweating out the sadness. As with all of my Trick or Treatment segments, I had to find out if this week of stereotypical ~wellness~ foolery did anything positive for my mental health OR if it was just an overpriced mound of crystal-infused horseshit.

Exploring supplemental methods to ease mental illness? Click on each day to find out which Wellness Week experiences were trash and trickery and which could actually be labeled a treatment. Then, try them for yourself (ask your doctor first) and let me know how it goes!  

Day One: Meditation

Day Two: Stretching 

Day Three: The Infrared Sauna


My time at Wellness Week LA was SPONSORED. Huge merci to WWLA for the chance to attend! xo