Self-Care Tarot August 2018: Fight For Your Joy

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The bad news: it's August, and I still haven't started my new year's resolution of going to the gym (i'm a fucking cliche, I know). The good news is Cassandra, our awesome tarot reader, says August is going to be passionate and exciting, which means maybe I'll lower my cholesterol burning calories from all the looming anxiety attacks I'm sure to have. Let's see what else the cards have to say this month. Also, unrelated update: pardon the temporary dead links and unfinished pages on my blog right now. Still giving it a wee makeover. xoxo


"The Tarot is still very tuned into Wands & fire energy. Fire continues to oversee our August, just like it did our July, but this month it’s a little bit easier to stay in the driver’s seat. While passion and excitement will at times consume us if we can turn that energy into something productive we’re in for a good month.

Knights are fighters, and Wands energy can bring us outbursts of joy and excitement. A life lesson sits at the heart of it for those of us who are mentally ill: we need to learn to fight for those moments of joy when we can. Your moods will still be swinging, and your anxiety will still be singing this August, but there will be moments of lucid clarity where you stun even yourself with what you’re able to accomplish and entire days to laugh with our loved ones. Hold on to those times, especially as summer winds down and the days start getting shorter soon. 

For those who deal with manic depression, this card can characterize mania showing up this month. We might see extra anxiety flare-ups and heightened energy in the most unlikely of scenarios. While you can’t change your brain chemistry, this Knight does offer us the hope that if we can take that heightened energy and use it productively while still doing all of our other self-care in this time, we might be able to get on top of it for now. That might mean improving your sleep hygiene or forcing yourself to rest for eight hours a night even if you can’t sleep, and that’s never how we want to spend our time. Setting up good habits now though allows us to flourish later on.

The Knight of Wands in this deck sees a determination and pride that you are being called to this August, no matter what. It will be hard to keep any chronic illness under control, but with a good foundation and determination, we can do it. Get ahead of things this month--don’t let them snowball.  Focus on passion projects, friends who make you excited to see them, and fighting for the joy you do find on good days. Fire can turn into something beautiful and warm and affirming, but if we’re not careful, it can become a wildfire beyond our control or burn out completely. Let’s try to keep ourselves evenly warm this month." -Cassandra Snow

For more on Cassandra, head over to her page right HERE.