Self-Care Tarot September 2018: Wade Through the Depths


My bad for posting this one day late. Happy Labor Day/September! Let's see what Cassandra and her cards have to say about self-care this month. xo! 


I asked the tarot to give us anything that wasn’t a Wands card this time. I’m a Double Pisces with a Cancer rising, and I’ve taken about as much fire as I can handle lately, especially where my own mental health is concerned. Luckily the tarot delivered in a big way with the Ten of Cups, but while this card is rife with messages of joy and fulfillment, tarot and mental health can be both be double-edged. 

On the surface, the Ten of Cups says we should expect a placid and calm September. Expect get-togethers with soulmate-friends and cuddle sessions with romantic partners as we start our slow and peaceful descent into Autumn. For a lot of us who deal with mental illness, you can take this at face value and expect a September where your mood is regulated and your emotions are stable. This allows us to really grow and thrive in all areas of our life, but remember that your illness is most likely cyclical so soak up those sunny days while you can, but don’t be discouraged if you relapse at any point throughout the month. 

Digging deeper the Ten of Cups talks about love, emotions, and transformation. In a perfect world, we aren’t supposed to rely on others for our happiness, and all of our joy is supposed to come from within. In the real world, it is often our partners, siblings, and best friends who stabilize us and make us see the best parts of ourselves. That’s transformation. That’s love. Take the month to really appreciate the people in your life and the effect they have on your long-term mental health goals. That will probably have you feeling all grateful and misty-eyed, so take the time to send a quick thank you or buy your favorite co-worker a muffin while you have the capacity to do so. 

The Ten of Cups ultimately drives us to peak contentment and peak happiness. The darker side of the card recognizes that for those of us with trauma, we have to be willing to wade through our own depths and dig deep into our subconscious to heal. Depressive episodes and deep dives into trauma should also be expected this September then, but the energy is a little different this time because it feels like it’s really going to lead you to a new place in your healing and emotional journey. Allow your emotional journey to take you on the ride it needs to, and strive for healing with every step. 

The past two months have been about fighting and strength, but Cups want you to give in to the softer side of yourself. It’s okay to be sad. It’s good to be sensitive in a world that can be really callous. That might mean your Ten of Cups September is a lot of tears, but as long as you recognize the goodness and kindness in those around you who are holding space for your struggles, you’re going to have a much better September than you did August. Allow yourself space for that happiness. You deserve it. -Cassandra Snow

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