January 2019 Self-Care Tarot: We Don’t Have to Like Everything.


HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. Here’s hoping I finally learn to post shit on time in 2019. Expect some new posts, more Therapy Thursday’s on my IG, and a few published pieces out in the world this year. See you soon.

Check out what Cassandra and her cards have to say about this new year!


The Page of Swords is all about sudden realizations, brash insight, and the unsettling feeling that these epiphanies just might change your life. As a new year rolls in this makes perfect sense regardless of our mental health status. Suddenly we are focused on what we want to do and where we want to go in 2019. Old dreams are released as new ones take shape. A lot of us are spending time analyzing what went right and what went wrong in 2018 and the answers to what we’ve learned and where we’ve been are likely to surprise even the most self-aware of us. The Page of Swords brings this insight kindly, if not peacefully, and with a reminder that anything that we cut out or that changes us now is for a long-term benefit that we’ll be grateful for later.

For those of us struggling to stay afloat because of mental health, the Page of Swords does show a rougher January. Change is sometimes harder on us than the general population, and January is no different where that’s concerned. The insights and realizations we get can cause radical mood swings or sudden upheavals in our moods. While deep down we might know this is part of our long-term life plan it does not feel good, and we do not like it this month. That’s okay. We don’t have to like everything. The self-care piece of this card says to do it anyway. Struggle through if you need to but do the inner work and listen to those moments when clarity drowns out the self-loathing clamor.

A Page of Swords can be taken incredibly straightforward too. January may be a month for new meds, a new therapist, or even a totally new mental illness emerging. These changes are easier for us, so just try to document how you’re feeling and what’s working so you can stay on top of your health. We all think we’re going to start the most nuanced journal practice ever in the New Year but go easy on yourself if you’re not a writer or journaler by nature. Start the year by adding a mood tracker (digital or paper) to your daily routine and look back at the past couple of weeks every week. If that goes well or goes well but isn’t enough, then we can add in other facets of journaling. The great thing about a mood tracker is it can be artistic or written, digital or paper, and it has the same effect: allowing us to trace the patterns of our mental health rollercoaster so we can make better decisions about our health moving forward. The Swords love patterns, and they love order. The Court Cards are mostly very concerned with autonomy. This simple practice meets both of these facets and helps you start off the New Year with some hope and excitement.

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