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Can a Stretch a Day Keep the Crazies at Bay? #TrickOrTreatment

Welcome to  Trick or Treatment! The series where I test out cliche, wellness trends to see if they will make my mental illness journey less of a fucking mess. You can read the previous #TT on meditation right HERE if you’re new to my blog or missed my last installment. This particular Trick or Treatment is part of my experience at Wellness Week LA; a health/lifestyle event from June 3rd-June 10th, 2018. Ticket holders are matched with various fitness, nutritional, and self-care activities in the city, depending on their interests. If you'd like more information on WWLA, or the business I mention below, click their names for more!

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Trick or Treatment: I Drank This Magic Xanax Tea For a Week and Mental Illness Is Officially Cancelled

It's that time again! Sure, my blog is called Take Your Pills, but I know damn well that meds are not the only way to deal with mental illness. I'm always looking for different shit I can put in, on, or around my body to supplement my medicated journey, which is why I started #TrickOrTreatment. In case you missed the first one (you can go back and read it here), this segment aims to test out various alternatives to western medicine and traditional therapy.

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